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Social Media

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Social media is great but it takes time to get right.


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The key is to select the channels which are going to work best for your business. That may sound easy but each channel has subtle differences including the audience they attract; the type of content to post; how often they should be updated.

I work with small businesses to help maximise their presence on:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

How I can help you

I will work with your business to:

  • establish your objectives
  • provide an overview of which social media channels would work best for your business
  • suggest ways to maximise your presence on each of your channels
  • recommend ideas for content and how it could be repurposed across the various channels
  • suggest promotion ideas.

Even if you already have a social media presence, I can help maximise your presence in line with your objectives and resources.

Get in touch to discuss you specific requirements.